Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

And now that that the emotional high has begun to fade and the daily grind of paperwork and waiting have set in, all we can do is sit and think about her and pray that God continues to shower her in his love and ours.

It has now been two full months since we started this adoption process and in some ways we feel a bit further from brining our little girl home than we did a week into it. The mountains of paperwork that Rachael has sifted through continuously seems to hold additional pieces we haven’t filled out or we still need copies of….. and for a decidedly unorganized family (like we are) the process has certainly turned into a challenging one. On the other hand, even in this time of waiting, God as continued to be unshakingly faithful and has allowed us to continue to grow in our faith. Now more than a week ago, or a month ago, or certainly 6 months ago we understand that leaning on our understanding, attempting to overcome obstacles with our own might is laughable at best and detrimental at worst. I truly believe that beyond the amazing blessing of bringing this precious girl home God has chosen to use this process to help bring us ever close to Him and lead us into a place of complete trust in his goodness and faithfulness. For once in our lives I think we can full say that in this moment of personal helplessness where neither Rachael nor I can do much of anything to ensure we get our little girl home and in an expedient manor, there is no other way we would want it. Who better to set our course of direction, to ensure that we end up where we are supposed to be, than the creator of the universe; a God that loves us so much that he adopted us when we certainly did not deserve for him to do so.

So we work and wait and pray and anticipate the day we get to first fly over and see her smiling face in person. The day I can pick her up and wrap her in my arms. The day I get to see Rachael with the daughter she’s always dreamt of. Even waiting and working is such an amazing gift knowing that we are doing it because it’s exactly where God wants us to be and its exactly how we are going to bring our little Girl home.

And so we’ll wait some more….